US friendly litecoin casinos


If you are reading this article, it means that you already know about the existence of Litecoin. The reason why it's important is that Litecoin launched a new era in the world of cryptocurrencies - an era in which casinos and slots started to take cryptocurrencies as a payment method. In addition, some cryptocurrency-specific features have been added to litecoin, such as slots and litecoin gambling.

As litecoin is based on Bitcoin it means that litecoin casinos have a lot of similarities to other bitcoin casinos. Still there are some differences that might be beneficial for you the player, so read this article to find out what litecoin casinos can offer besides litecoin payments.

Picking litecoin casinos

Before you choose ltc casino it's important to realize that litecoin gambling is quite different than Bitcoin gambling . First, there are significantly less ltc casinos out there compared to bitcoin ones. Second, litecoin games might not be as profitable as BTC games due to lower ltc price. Third, litecoin lgames might be more profitable due to litecoin fees being 50 times lower than bitcoin ones (transaction confirmation is still a problem though).

At this moment litecoin casinos are scarce so you have to choose carefully which one could suit your needs the best. In order to help you pick ltc casino we have drawn up litecoin gambling comparison of litecoin casinos based on games categories and litecoin bonus offers.

Litecoin casinos - games categories

At this moment litecoin gambling market is strongly dominated by bitcoin casino clones. Most of litecoin casinos offer a bit different presentation, but ltc games are basically litecoin counterpart of casino litecoin gambling.

Blackjack is the most popular litecoin game among ltce casinos. While you won't find any changes in regards to BTC blackjack, some ltc casinos offer different variations of blackjack.

Poker is another popular ltc game. Most of Litecoin gambling sites offer some variations of poker, however there are some differences between BTC and LTC poker litecoin ltc gambling ltc casino.

Famous games like Slots litecoin and Dice are also available in Litecoin games, however there aren't any differences since they're the same as BTC games besides litecoin payment.

Ltc bonuses

Due to little number of ltc casinos you might think that casinos litecoin sites offer few bonuses. That's not the case though. Although they don't offer as many promos like BTC casinos, litecoin gambling bonuses are almost equal to them according to their value ratio in LTC casinos.

The only thing that is different from BTC bonuses and ltc gambling is the fact that most of them offer a bit lower value compared to bitcoin gambling bonus offers. Still, there are many ltc gambling sites that offer bit lower value compared to bitcoin gambling bonus offers.

Litecoin payment methods

Like any other website, litecoin gambling also has its own way of payment method. LTC deposits usually take less than 1 minute.

While most of litecoins accept bitcoin deposit to their address, some also offer other alternatives like LiteVault or accepting alt coins like Doge. Some sites offer casinos Litecoin deposits and withdrawals directly to wallet litecoin, while others use different ways of processing LTC payments.

There are also some alternatives to bitcoin gambling games like dice-games using litecoins therefor you can try your luck.

Litecoin casinos support

Like any service, litecoin casino provide their own way of supporting it's users, however some ltc gambling litecoins might be better. LTC gambling litecoins might offer little or no support since it's a new thing for them and they're still working on their system.

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